The Dark Avenger Part 1 is the 13th episode of The Mega Force.

The Solaris LightsEdit

Max (in his Fighter Suit) is training near the Anna Woods Solar Power Plant, but is interrupted by Taipanox. The two eventually fight until Serpentos orders Taipanox to report back to The Serpentian Castle. He teleports there and Serpentos tells Taipanox about a powerful new source of energy, The Solaris Lights. At our heroes' school, science teacher Mr. Dexters is teaching his class about solar energy. Master Quaron contacts the five heroes to report to The Hall Of Elements right away. They teleport there and Quaron tells them about The Solaris Lights. He warns them that if Serpentos gets his hands on the lights, he will be unstoppable. They set off to get the lights before Taipanox does. Meanwhile, Taipanox's 9th egg hatches out Serpmate.

Enter The Dark AvengerEdit

When our heroes arrive at the Southern Anna Woods Island Forest, they are attacked by Slithings led by Taipanox and his monster Serpmate. The five teens managed to beat all the Slithings, but a dark figure swiftly attacks the Element Fighters with his dark red and black twisted sword, about the same size as Max's. He introduces himself as The Dark Avenger, who serves Serpentos faithfully in his aid for universal conquest. Max some how recognizes him, but he can't quite picture who is behind that dark warrior. Our heroes prepare to attack, but Taipanox uses his Venom Breath, Serpmate uses his Banana Fang Blast, and The Dark Avenger uses his Twisted Blade Blast of Darkness on the Mega Force. The five teens de-armorize on the ground in pain. Max had to think of a way to find out who this Dark Avenger is. 

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